The alarm double-chirp microagression game!

I saw this exceedingly well-dressed, handsome, and urbane-looking black guy get out of his Lexus in front of a little country store in the middle of nowhere a last week. A handful of the rural crowd with the MAGA stickers on their pick-ups were hanging out in the parking lot, and I was absolutely delighted when Lexus guy less-than-discreetly pointed his fob at his car and chirped his alarm before turning to walk up to the front door of the place. Continue reading

The freedom of realizing it’s not a career - it’s actually a calling

…and realizing that a feedback loop doesn’t matter

Maybe if I’m honest with you, radically honest with you, I can learn how to be honest with myself. As a matter of self-image preservation, I tend to avoid that sort of awkwardness, but I’m thinking now that if the big dreams are to survive, reality has to be faced head on, if only in small doses at first. Continue reading

Happy non bio –birthday to me.

So, it’s kind of like my birthday today. Actually, I’ve forgotten about my bio-birthday until the last minute a couple of times in the last few years, but December 2nd I don’t forget. Four years ago today I threw away the remainder of the dip left in my can of Copenhagen and haven’t touched tobacco since. I’ve thought about it. Dreamed about it. Craved it like it was oxygen. But haven’t used it. That’s 1,461 days.

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Growl #3: Ajamu Baraka on war, militarized policing, and the new, New Left

Ajamu Baraka; submitted photo.
Ajamu Baraka; submitted photo.


This episode needs NO lengthy text support. Ajamu Baraka, Jill Stein’s running mate in the 2016 Presidential Elections, has one of the most insightful, penetrating minds you should be glad you don’t have to square off against. His decades-long, unbroken track record of commitment to a truly progressive vision is a testament both to his principled activism and his personal investment in the ideals of human value.

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Growl #2: Net Neutrality Ajitation (nsfw)

Normally, I’d write up a fairly lengthy summary of what you’re going to hear in this episode. Not a lot of point in that, honestly. The topic is net net neutrality—what it is, how it came to be under attack for a third time, and what the consequences are if the battle to defend it fails.

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Why local journalism needs to build better audiences, not just newsrooms

So, I’m kind of in a weird place. As a  one-time newspaperman trying to work my way back into journalism, I read yesterday’s piece from Harvard University’s Nieman Lab with guarded enthusiasm:

A Boston Globe memo puts the spotlight on an emerging consensus on how to transform metro papers

The idea that seems to be catching on for metro papers is to place the news that readers want in front of their faces wherever they are and all the time. And I get that. These storied journals have finally accepted the fact that, eventually, the last buggy was going to break down, and no one was  going to want their whips ever again.
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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat

One of my favorite fables by Æsop has always been that of the Birds and the Beasts and the Bat. It goes something like this:

A great war had erupted between the Birds and the Beasts, with both sides of equal strength and courage. The Birds came to the Bat and said, “Look, brother, you fly through the air, as we do. Surely you will take our side in this conflict.” The bat, who wanted no part in this dispute, replied, “But see here, I have fur; therefore, I am not a Bird. I cannot join your side.”
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All is Vanity

Or, A Post-Easter Sunrise

So, if I already own and operate a bunch of sites that produce truckloads of content, why this site?

Mostly it’s to keep from tainting the other sites with too much of my own…eccentricity. I get wild writer’s hairs from time to time, and, quite often, the subject matter would cause some head-scratching among visitors of those other online destinations.

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Growl #1: Richard Wolff on the TPP and Vanishing Higher Ed Careers

"Economic Update with Richard D, Wolff" airs on Greylock Nation weekly on Friday mornings at 10 EST and repeats on the following Monday at 2 p.m. EST.
“Economic Update with Richard D, Wolff” airs on Greylock Nation weekly on Friday mornings at 10 EST and repeats on the following Monday at 2 p.m. EST.

Long before I had the chance to have a conversation with Richard Wolff about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, I heard him speak on an episode of Alternative Radio, entitled “Capitalism: Fantasies & Realities.” I was, I thought at the moment the show came on, not in the mood to hear another dry diatribe against an economic system that has so obviously blown a gasket. The facts were plain. The evidence was all around us, and yet such a tiny fraction of the American population seemed to have a clue that I couldn’t fathom how another academic exploration of the subject was going to do anybody any good. Continue reading